PARTNERS Hadassah Medical Center BioMarCare is located on the premises of the Hadassah Medical Center (HMC), a leading Medical center with 1100 beds, and an annual turnover of 100,000 inpatients and 1,000,000 outpatient visits, which conducts more than half of the hospital research in Israel. HMC is affiliated with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem which conducts more than one-third of Israel’s scientific research, including more than 40% of the biotechnology research in Israel. The strategic location enables collaboration with leading research and clinical staff as well as access to the Hadassah Clinical Research Center (HCRC) where the company utilizes a dedicated, fully equipped pre-clinical unit, a top rate clinical team, a large patient pool, and a GMP facility. Hadasit Bio-Holdings BioMarCare is a Hadasit Bio-Holdings (HBL) Portfolio Company. HBL (TASE: HDST) is a subsidiary of Hadasit Ltd, the technology transfer company of the Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem, Israel. HBL focuses on the advancement and support of its portfolio companies through phase I clinical trials and preparation for Phase II Micromedic Technologies Ltd. Micromedic (TASE: MCTC) is a publicly traded company listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. The Company's main business is licensing, translating and commercializing new promising early-detection and monitoring biomarkers for various autoimmune clinical conditions.Micromedic has created collaborations and strategic alliances with leading research and clinical institutes in Israel and in the US. Micromedic is currently collaborating with Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv Medical Center, University of Florida and more. BioMarCare is a MicroMedic Portfolio Company. BioLight - Israeli Life Sciences Investments Ltd. BioLight Israeli Life Sciences Investments Ltd. is a holding company engaged, through its subsidiaries, in various fields of research and development of pharmaceuticals and medical products and devices. The company was founded in 2005 and as of April 21, 2011 a group led by Mr. Israel Makov gained control in the company introducing ‎a new approach of value creation through knowledge synergies (the clusters approach). BioLight is a public company traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) Ariadne Inc. (Maryland) Ariadne, a leader in applied research data products and knowledge enrichment-based software solutions, helps pharmaceutical and life science researchers tap known scientific knowledge for applications in systems biology and translational medicine. Our flagship product, Pathway Studio®, leverages proprietary technology to provide life science, drug discovery and development researchers a streamlined in silico approach for hypothesis generations and discovery. Ariadne expertise in Omics data analysis, information extraction and integrated software can quickly identified the most appropriate biomarkers from what is known, and combined with experimental data to strengthen selection. This technology coupled to BioMarCare expertise in colorectal cancer and biomarker panel diagnostic assay development will be used to find very specific and sensitive biomarker panels for patient stratification. Humanitas Research Hospital (Milan) Humanitas is a private general hospital accredited by the National Health Service. It houses a highly specialized research center (IRCCS) and is home to the University of Milan (International Medical School). It is located in Rozzano - south of Milan - and it is the flagship hospital of Humanitas group which is also present with hospitals in Bergamo, Turin, Catania and Castellanza (Varese). Within the Institute, there are specialized centers for the treatment of oncological diseases, cardiovascular, neurological and orthopedic as well as a High Specialty Emergency Center. It is the first hospital in italy certified by the Joint Commission International, and has become a case study at the Harvard Business School, for its organizational model that combines sustainability, development and social responsibility. The Research Center of Translational Medicine houses more than 200 researchers working in close cooperation with more than 400 doctors at the hospital. Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer The Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer is a university-affiliated tertiary referral hospital that serves as Israel's national medical center in many fields. Adjacent to Tel Aviv, it is the most comprehensive medical center in the Middle East, renowned for its compassionate care and leading- edge medicine. It is also a major medical-scientific research powerhouse that collaborates internationally with the bio-tech and pharmaceutical industries to develop new drugs, treatments and technologies, and a foremost global center for medical education. Today, the Sheba Medical Center combines six major facilities: a vast medical research complex, medical education, academic campus, acute care hospital, children's hospital, women's hospital ,and the country's main rehabilitation hospital. Clalit Health Services The health care system in Israel was established by Clalit, a non-governmental, non-profit organization. It has initiated, defined and set the health standards for the entire country for some 90 years. Through its 14 hospitals and more than 1200 primary and specialized clinics, Clalit provides comprehensive health insurance and highly advanced medical care to the majority of Israel’s population. It is also the only health fund with a countrywide network of state-of-the-art pharmacies, dental clinics, laboratories, diagnostic imaging and specialist centers. Family doctors and hospital specialists cooperate to provide a broad medical-social perspective for the care of the individual, the family and the community. Clalit has some 3.8 million insured members from every ethnic group and every walk of life in Israel. Patho-Lab Diagnostics Ltd. Patho-Lab Diagnostics Ltd. provides laboratory diagnostics services for Histopathology and Cytopathology, serving, for over 20 years, HMOs, hospitals & clinics as well as the biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies (pre-clinical and clinical trials). The company participates currently in new venture technological collaborations and using the most modern and innovative diagnostic techniques to provide a fully comprehensive range of interpretation of biopsies, surgical specimens, fetal autopsies, FNA and liquid-based cytology preparations. The company performs complete diagnostics testing for gynecologic PAP smears, ThinPrep PAP and HPV DNA testing. Immunohistochemistry techniques, genetic & molecular biology and pathology procedures are available for variety of diagnostic treatments and prognostic requirements. The company is ISO 9001:2000 certified, approved & audited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and approved to be in compliance to OECD Principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) according to directive 88/320/EEC in Histopathology testing for serving the Biotech industry for pre-clinical trials services. Van Leer Ventures Jerusalem the Van Leer Technology Ventures- Jerusalem Ltd. , is one of Israel's leading early stage investment centers.VLVJ looks for leading entrepreneurs with innovative technology addresses to large and fast growing markets. The Center was established in 1992 by a consortium of notable sponsors, such as Intel, Teva Pharmaceuticals, AVX, Motorola and the Jerusalem Development Authority. Today much of the Center's activities are supported by its investors, Docor International BV, an industrial investment fund and The Jerusalem Development Authority, a joint government/municipal corporation Docor International and The Jerusalem Development Authority deliver to the portfolio companies tangible added value both via ongoing guidance and by extending their business development capabilities Jerusalem Development Authority The Jerusalem Development Authority (JDA) plays a major role in initiating and promoting projects that shape Jerusalem’s economy and impact the design of key public and green spaces in the city and the metropolis. The JDA also plays a key role in initiating and promoting projects that affect the future development of the Jerusalem metropolis. Bio-Jerusalem, an initiative of JDA, aims to create the ideal conditions for the establishment of a leading industrial cluster of biomed firms in Jerusalem.